Make It Count

by The Cutscenes

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The Cutscenes' high energy debut album, chock full of synth flavored melodic pop-punk, Chicago's finest.

This record is dedicated to the loving memory of Neal Bolz (1958-2016) "Even though you're gone your memory will remain..."


released November 17, 2017

Produced by: The Cutscenes
Engineered and mixed by: Andris & Isaac at the Mad House, Chicago
All songs by: The Cutscenes

Joe: Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals, razzmatazz
Jimbo: Keyboard, lead vocals, backing vocals, sweaty heart
Mason: Lead guitar, bedazzler
Isaac: Bass, additional guitars, compression, computer desk
Andris: Drums, samples, percussion, additional guitars, backing vocals, house key jingling

The Cutscenes would like to thank: Mamma Ras, Silvie's Lounge, and all of our family and friends for their continued support.

Cover photo: Andris
Cover design: Isaac


all rights reserved



The Cutscenes Chicago, Illinois

5 dudes from the Chicago area who are set out to create music from the heart that everyone can spazz out to!

Isaac- Bass
Jimmy- Keys, vocals
Joe- Guitar, vocals
Mason- Lead Guitar
Jon- Drums

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Track Name: Make It Count
Check your ego at the door
Love the rich and help the poor
I know it's all part of the show

Tuck your shirt and tie your tie
Obey the traffic, read the signs
It's true, there is just so much to do

Never want to say goodbye
I'll grab your hand and hold it tight
I'll lead you to somewhere new
Because there is still time left for you
Let's make it count

Pay your taxes and your bills
Run through water, climb those hills
It's true, I know just what to do
Track Name: Makes Me Who I Am
There's been a lot of days
Can't get nothing right
What's the point
Can't sleep at night

What's the use
Gave all that I've got
I've given up
Lay down and rot

Think I have it all together
No one tells me what to do
Keep it all to myself
It's what I am
Makes me who I am

It's my life, so don't approach me
Not with advice or anything at all
Trust issues, I have plenty
It's what I am,
Makes me who I am

All the friends I ever had
Not able to see them
Gets me very mad

All continued to move on,
Was not the one to rely upon

Disinclined, from passing through
Loneliness really
makes me blue

Rising up from all my wrong
Redemption coming
to be strong

Experiencing an awaken
A peace I never had before
Free of pain, now I'm forsaken
It's what I am
Makes me who I am

Once was blind, and now I see
All changes happening
in and out of me
Things I can not explain
it's what I am
Makes me who I am

Good things come
For those who wait
Realizing it now
after all these days
Exploring options even more
More than I ever done before
Track Name: Memory
I'm dying on the inside
I'm crying on the outside
And this glass of wine won't numb my pain

I'm trying to let go
It's been tough from the get-go
Even though you're gone, your memory will remain

My father taught me to hold my ground
Don't let people push me around
But he's gone now, watching over me
So I'll be strong for him, and that you best believe

My mother taught me to not give up
I showered her with lies, she showered me with love
now I'm grown up and I hope she sees
That I appreciate all she has done for me
Track Name: I Know I Can
One is more
Two is less
Why do you say I'm second best
You criticize
the things I do
You bite off more than you can chew

You’re always upset
Every time I try to do my best
You’re constantly pressing me
Can't seem to keep you impressed

Am I a failure to you
Will I know just what to do

I know I can
I know I can
Break this streak
And when I do
And when I do
It will be for me and you

As it occurred, what was wrong
Were my ways and hers all along
She forced me to see her view
Then I won't listen to you

She left me alone
And did her thing all on her own
Then she will see
How I came around unexpectedly

I'm not a failure to you
I'll know just what to do

And now I have
And now I have
Broke the streak
And since then
Until the end
You and I will say Amen
Track Name: Second Best
Let's paint a picture of the life that I'm living now
Look at the sky all that I can see is dark clouds
I have this heart of stone that's grinding into sand
I will be broken until I reach the promised land

My reputation is at stake and I can't believe
The person I've become, you see this is killing me
My emptiness is just a lie that I must resist
But this pain just keeps on grabbing me by the wrist

Please tell me I'm ok
And it doesn't to have to end this way
Please help me through this

I always deal with second best
I cannot take no more regret
Or waiting for my last breath
I cannot face another day where
All my dreams have washed away
It's leaving me with nothing more to say

I'm wide awake but this all feels like a dream
My own worst nightmare and no one can hear me scream
Tried to take the high road but it led me right back
I need some answers, need to get my life on track
Track Name: Movin' On
This girl that I went with we were doing great
Till I found out she cheated on me
Just yesterday
I think and think pacing back and forth
Did I do something, I'm not sure

It's been to long
Don't want to say goodbye
You made me move on
Never will I be
And it's too late
Being cruel is who I am
That's just
how I'm going to be

Tried to work things out but you said no
Is that what you’re all about did you really want to go.
Didn't take time to think what we had was real
Is that how you really feel

Then I realize things won't go my way
If she is not the one then why should she stay
I need to move on go forward with my life
And find happiness

I know it's been long
It's okay to say goodbye
Now I moved on
And now I'm
I clearly stopped
holding on to my pride
A changed man is who I am
Track Name: Imperfections
Try to be who you want me to be
Try to be who I say I will be but I failed you. Yeah I failed you
I tried to take on these new roles
But instead I'm sinking to new lows
Yeah I failed you, yeah I failed you.
What can i do?

You're hanging on by a thin thread
Because the love you feel is pain instead
Yeah I failed you, yes I failed you

I’ll go wherever I need to go
As long as you say you'll love me so
I'll take my imperfections where they belong
And learn to admit when I am wrong

You’re growing sick and tired of me
Because I'm nothing like i used to be
Yeah I failed you, yes I failed you

Tell me where do i go from here?
Because nothing but destructions where I'm near
Where did I stumble, where is it I fell?
I know that you can save me from hell

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